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Q: What depth does concrete need to be?
A: 4" is the standard for drives,walks and patios, 6" is the standard for commerical areas or hot tub pads.

Q: When is the best time to have work done?
A: Spring and Fall are the very best times, but as long as the temp. is above 34 concrete can be done.

Q: Does Ice melt products hurt concrete?
A: Yes, but you can help protect your concrete by having a sealer placed on the concrete

Q: Do you charge for an estimates?
A: No, we do free written estimates for big or small jobs.

Q: Can your company do both the site work and the concrete work?
A: Yes, we're able to handle almost all site work as well as the concrete work.

Q: Do you offer a warrenty on your work?
A: Yes, we give a warrenty on our work, it varies by job and materials.

Q: Does ABC Concrete offer decorative concrete?
A: Yes, we offer: Decorative Cutting/Grinding, Colored, Exposed, Stamped, Acid Stained and Engraved

Q: Do you do foundations as well as flatwork?
A: Yes, we do room additions as well as new house foundations.

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